Our online shop provides an unmatched selection of various battery cells for use with your vaping kits and box mods. Batteries are what keeps a vape starter kit or mod alive. Without a battery you would not be able to vape. In today’s vaping industry, companies have came out with starter kits and mods that have internal batteries that may have more mAh than the batteries themselves. Besides the mods having internal batteries, they may not be as reliable as the battery cells that you can replace yourself. Batteries come in different sizes from 26650, 18650, 20700, and 21700. All these different size batteries provide better battery life, higher or lower voltages and higher or lower mAh. Batteries with longer battery life are more for regulated box mods or kits and battery that have a higher amp are more for mechanical mods that require more power to heat up the coils. We make sure here at Vivo we provide you with the best batteries as well as the safest ones. You can never be too sure if your battery is safe. An 18650 battery is the most common battery to use because most vape companies only come out with mods or kits that are only compatible with this size of battery. They don’t want to complicate the process just for what batteries to use. Some newer starter kits and mods are starting to use the other sized batteries like 20700 and 21700 because they do have a higher mAh and do last just a little bit longer than just the standard 18650 batteries. Just be careful with batteries, batteries in the hands of someone that doesn’t know what they are doing, could end up very bad and could seriously injure the user. The most reliable batteries you will ever find are here at Vivo! Some name brand batteries that you should begin to get familiar with are Sony, IMREN, Samsung, Hohm,  iJoy, Blackcell, and Kdest.


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