Build Kits consist of cotton, wire, ohm-readers, scissors, ceramic tweezers, wire cutters etc. Everything a veteran user will need to build is included inside of a build kit. If you are a beginner at building coils buying a build kit will definitely be a learning experience. Build Kits are essential for users that use RDA’s and RTA’s that have rebuildable decks. As well as you building your own coils on whatever you prefer. Some build kits may or may not come with a simple ohm-reader. Ohm-Readers allow you to see the ohm of which the build is at and allow you to see if it’s too high of a build or too low. Also, kits may or may not come with wire gauge that is suitable for you, so you may have to purchase the gauge you want separately. Enjoy these premium build kits. They will provide you a great learning experience and if you a veteran coil builder, these kits that we provide for you here at Vivo will be perfect and give you the tools you need to continue your successions.

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