Chargers are using for charging batteries for vape starter kits and mods. Chargers are what keep your batteries charged and what keeps your vape working perfectly throughout the day to give you a great vaping experience. Different chargers charge at different AMP rates which will decide how fast your batteries will charge. It all depends on how many batteries are needed inside your kit or mod. More mods and kits are coming out with product that takes more than one or two 18650 batteries. Also, if you have more sets of batteries besides the ones you use inside of you vape, a 4-Bay charger would be considered. If you don’t vape constantly and you only use one pair of batteries, a standard 2-Bay charger would be better. The only reason you would need more than one pair of batteries is because you’re a veteran vaper and you vape constantly all day. There is no shame with vaping constantly, as it is a better alternative to smoking. Here at Vivo, we carry all the trusted brands of chargers and make sure they are safe you use. There are chargers that don’t have a name brand and may or may not be made to charge batteries made for vaping. The best charger brands for chargers are Imren, Nitecore, and Efest. These companies have really stepped up their game with chargers strictly for vape battery cells. Most chargers in today’s vaping industry are able to charge in each slot at 2A. Some of the newer chargers that have more slots only have a selected few of those slots that do charge in 2A and a selected few that only charge at 1A.

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