Drip Tips are a great accessory for an atomizer or tank for vaping. Drip tips protect your mouth from getting burnt or gives you more room so you don’t get spit back from your e-liquid. There are different sizes of drip tips such as a 510 or an 810 connection. A 510 drip tip style is more of an original style because that was the only thing available when the vaping industry was small. Now that the vaping industry has grown bigger than ever, 510 drip tip styles on tanks or rebuildables are hard to come across. Most of them come with a 510 adapter simply because some people don't want that much airflow and the drip tip would restrict airflow. 810 drip tips have been more leaned towards with new vaping tanks and rebuildable. 810 drip tips are mostly used with newer RDA’s because you always want the best airflow when vaping on an RDA. Here in vivo, we provide the best drip tips that are unique. Drip tips have turned into a new great selling accessory.

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