Replacement Glass is a necessity for vape users because the glass on tanks are very fragile and can break easily without even dropping it. Ways you could break your glass on a tank would be if you were replacing a coil and you screwed the top on too tight. You have to be very careful when tightening a top cap because the glass has potential to break and cause serious damage and could hurt you. Companies have been leaning towards making resin replacement glass as for it makes your setup look nicer with matching colors but it is a lot safer and cheaper than glass. Glass breaks easily, but resin, on the other hand, is a lot stronger and takes more times of dropping to actually break. Hitting the regular glass at the right angle could potentially break and it could break in your pocket if you’re not careful with it. Companies like Smok, have made newer pyrex glass tubes that are quite a bit stronger than the regular replacement glass, which has saved people lots of money. Also, Smok has come out with bulb glass that allows you to have a bigger capacity of e-liquid inside the tank. We have our own replacement glass with unique colors, that increase the capacity, made from resin so it’s not as fragile and comes in unique colors to possibly match with your setup.

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