Solace Salts

Solace Vapor specializes in Nicotine Salt technology. Solace Salts are the ONLY award winning Nicotine Salts, famous for its smooth blends of highly concentrated nicotine. Twelve varying flavor profiles cover the spectrum, allow everyone to find a flavor they love.

 Mango is a rich, sweet mango flavor, Neked Peach Rings is a sweet and sour peachy ring candy flavor, Peppermint Patty is a creamy, sweet menthol peppermint flavor, Red Hot tastes just like the candy with a hot, spicy cinnamon taste to sooth your taste buds, Strawberry Hard Candy taste like your favorite strawberry hard candy that keeps your mouth watering, Vanilla Bean is a creamy vanilla bean ice cream flavor that makes your mind want more after every hit, Creamy Tobacco is a nice, rich, creamy tobacco that has the perfect taste if you like tobacco, Butterscotch is a butterscotch candy flavor that has a rich, flavorful vape, Dragonthol is a fruity menthol juice with dragon fruit extract that it bursting with flavor after every hit, Latte is a coffee flavor that isn't too strong but will give you the perfect coffee taste

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