VGOD SaltNic

VGOD SaltNic is the latest e-juice line created by the one and only Vape God. These flavors are made with nicotine salts to create the best flavor possible.

Tropical Mango is a standard mango flavor that has the ripeness and sweetness of a real mango, Melon Mix is a honeydew, cantaloupe flavor that has the perfect mix of the two melons, Dry Tobacco is a dry tobacco that doesn't have as much creaminess as your typical tobacco flavor,  Cubano is a tobacco flavor with a light hint of vanilla cream to bring the flavor together as one, Black Cubano is a bolder and heavier tobacco flavor with a hint of vanilla cream, LushIce is a watermelon flavor with a menthol exhale, Luscious is an amazing watermelon flavor with a mix of bubblegum, Pink Cakes is a frosted cupcake flavor that has the perfect amount of sweetness and desserty flavor.

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