Vapetasia is a Las Vegas based E-Liquid manufacturer whos specialty is variety and quality! These guys really take control and own their brand and that is a quality we like. Ownership! Vapetasia manufactures e-liquids that span such a vast variety of flavor profiles and styles which is the reason this companys products are appealing to such a wide range of people. Variety and quality are huge items in this market and Vapetasia gives us that variety and they give us the quality products we love to vape on. This manufacturer is contantly branching out and creating new varieties and lately they have kicked it up a notch with the Vapetasia Lemonade flavors and the new Parfait line as well. Since Vapetasia is a massively progressive e-liquid manufacturer they are always giving the vapor community what it wants most, size, quality ingredients and value. 

Fruit n custard mango is a mango flavor with a sweet vanilla custard, fruit n custard honeydew is a honeydew flavor with a sweet vanilla custard, fruit n custard banana is a banana flavor with a sweet vanilla custard, Killer Kustard is the purest, creamiest and smoothest custard flavor and provides a sweet and creamy taste just like custard, Strawberry Killer Kustard is killer kustard with a hint of fresh strawberries to turn the custard into a fruity and creamy sensation, blackberry lemonade is a lemonade with a rich blackberry mix, pink lemonade is a lemonade that tastes like your favorite pink lemonade drink, milk of the poppy is a creamy, strawberry milk flavor, pineapple express is a pineapple flavor with a mix of creaminess, rainbow road is a fruity cereal flavor, royalty 2 is a creamy tobacco flavor with vanilla cream, vape parfait blueberry is a blueberry parfait yogurt flavor, vape parfait strawberry is a strawberry parfait yogurt flavor.

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