WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Squonk Kits

Squonk Kits Wholesale

Squonk mod kits have an intriguing history dating back to 2009 when the first of its kind was crafted by a vaper named Carlos49. Over the years, squonking has gained immense popularity among vaping enthusiasts due to the unique advantages it offers. Squonk mods, closely resembling rebuildable dripping atomizers in performance, distinguish themselves by eliminating the constant need for manual dripping. These innovative devices incorporate a bottom-feeding system, requiring users to squeeze e-juice directly into the atomizer via an integrated bottle connected to the 510 pin.  The convenience of squonk mods is evident, as they reduce the frequency of e-juice refills with bottle capacities ranging from 7 to 10ml. Switching between flavors becomes effortless, making them ideal for those who enjoy variety. Moreover, squonk mods allow for coil building and wicking customization, producing denser clouds and richer flavors compared to traditional tanks. The included RDAs in these kits are typically of high quality, enhancing the overall vaping experience.  Notable squonk mod options on the market include the Vandyvape Pulse family, HCigar Magic Box, Kangertech Dripbox, Eleaf Pico Squeeze, Geekvape Athena Squonk Kit, and others.