EGO - C - TWIST 1500 MAH

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This item includes 
  • 1x 1500mAh eGo-C-twist battery (3.2-4.8V)
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 0.66" Length: 4.82"
  • 510 Threaded:  Compatible with all of ego and EVOD Series atomizers and cartomizers

It doesn't get any better than this high-quality battery with variable voltage features. Vape at your desired voltage! Higher voltage = More vapor! The Vpro eGo-C Twist battery is compact making it the most portable variable voltage device available. The vape could last for hours on a single charge, due to our high capacity battery cell

Elegant Industrial Design
  • Elegant appearance, frosted surface, 8 popular colors
  • The dial knob is designed to have the "right" tightness for comfortableness and stable voltage control
  • Precisely machined 510-eGo thread makes it very smooth to screw the tank or charger into the battery 
Lasting and Adjustable Battery
  • Adjustable voltage from 3.3V to 4.8V, tuned for your needs
  • Lasting and consistent performance, excellent vapor production
  • Less than 2hrs charging time, more than 300 charge and discharge cycles
Simple and Safe
  • 5 clicks battery on/off toggle?The battery LED will blink when switching modes. When the battery is in lock mode, the button is disabled and the battery will not power an atomizer or cartomizer.
  • Overcharge and low voltage protection? (1) If the button is depressed for 10 seconds, the battery will shutoff until the button is released; (2)The device will monitor the battery voltage and automatically turn off when the battery is discharged, preventing damage to the battery by overly depleting it.The LED will blink 5 times indicating that a charge is need.
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