HohmTech Hohm School 4A 4-Bay Charger

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HohmTech Hohm School 4A 4-Bay Charger

Input: DC 5V/4A, 2A, 1A, (USB Type C)
Output: Up to 4A Distribution: 2*2A, 4*1A
Slot 1 & 4: Automated 2A/1A
Slot 2 & 3: Automated 1A/0.5A
Operating Temperature 0°C - 40°C (32° F - 104°F)
Size L108*W96*H29mm (L4.3*W3.8*H1.2 in)
Weight: 100g±2g

1. Plug & Play Ready, directly out-of-box
2. USB-C Power Management system for 4A ability
3. 100% Autonomous. Connect to any 5V USB port, it adapts to the power supply and initiates the corresponding charge rate for both small & large Li-ion batteries.
4. BLD System enables size detection to ensure a proper charge rate.
5. LED indicator defines if the battery is charging, charged, or has an error.
6. 0V Activation staging process to revive over-discharged batteries.
7. Charge Li-ion batteries up to 71mm length & batteries with PCB.
8. Integrated protection: short-circuit, overheat, reverse polarity, and over-charge prevention.
9. Slot 1 & 4 has a 2A/1A automated charge selection.
10. Slot 2 & 3 has a 1A/0.5A automated charge selection

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