Vape Wick'n Wire

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Vapin Wick n’ Wire is an enhanced product line for vaping enthusiasts enjoying the art of rebuilding atomizers. The Vapin Wick n’ Wire package brings to you 15 feet of premium competition grade atomizer wire, and 1.5 feet of premium grade organic cotton wick, all in one storage bag. During product trials and cloud competitions experienced vapers have enthusiastically reported the combination of Vapin Wick n’ Wire to be superior to other competing products in the Vape Industry. Vapin Wire is a custom alloy which offers up to 40% less resistance per foot than standard kanthal wire of the same gauge. As a result, Vapin Wire delivers a coil with more surface area which heats up faster, cools down faster, and delivers superior flavor and denser vapor production. Vapin Wick is premium grade 100% organic cotton silver which has undergone a surgical grade purification process, without the use of bleach or solvents, and is pre-boiled. For your convenience, Vapin Wick is ready for use, straight out of the bag. You will find Vapin Wick to be extremely dense, absorbent and can be easily formed into an atomizer wick. You will also notice that because of the superior construction of our Vapin Wick, e-liquid flows more efficiently and consistently to the atomizer coil.
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