Brillipower 50A 3100mah (1 piece)

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Brillpower 50A 3100mah (1 piece)
Model IMR18650 Size 18mm*65mm Norminal votage 3.7V Chargetemperature 0~45°C,45~85%RH Norminal capacity 3100mAh DischargeTemperature -20~55°C,45~85%RH Max discharge current 50A Storage temperatur ean dh umidity range -20~+55°C,45~85%RH over discharge protection current 2C overcharge protection voltage 4.25V+/-0.025V/CELL -20~+45°C,45~85%RH (above 3 months) Discharge protection voltage 2.50V+/-0.10V/CELL Max.charge voltage 4.20v -5~+20°C,45~85%RH Charge current ≤1C Cycle Life more than 500 times
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