WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Twist E-liquid Disposable 2 Pack

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2.0% Pink Punch 14 $0.00
    2.0% (Berry Twist) Berry Medley Lemonade 55 $0.00
      2.0% Fruit Punch 69 $0.00
        5% Classic Tobacco 40 $0.00
          5% (Berry Twist) Berry Medley Lemonade 15 $0.00
            5% Arctic Cool Mint 1 $0.00
              5% Custard Tobacco 5 $0.00
                5% Pear Tobacco 51 $0.00
                  5% Cherry Tobacco 50 $0.00
                    Get the Twist Disposable 2 Pack for amazing flavors every inhale and exhale!

                    Twist E-Liquid Disposable 2 Pack

                    LYCHEE ICE
                    The layered and complex flavor profile of Lychee has been given a whole new twist! Paired with an icy layer of menthol, the best elements of the Lychee flavor begin to come to life. Explore the light, sweet, and floral notes of Lychee Ice, now available as an easy-to-use TWST Disposable vape pen. Keep your taste buds guessing as they go on an exciting journey of flavor. TWST Lychee Ice disposables are available as a dual pack, 1ml, vape pens each features e-liquid with 5% nicotine concentration. This unique and subtle combination will continuously entice and excite your flavor palate for an average of 250 hits. Grab yours today!

                    BERRY MEDLEY LEMONADE
                    A fan favorite, Berry Medley Lemonade is a mouthwatering blend of berry flavors that are expertly combined with the renowned Twist E-Liquids lemon extract. With the same lemon flavor behind the popular classic, Pink Punch Lemonade, TWST Berry Medley Lemonade is going to be your next favorite thing. This delightful flavor is given a new layer of convenience as a TWST disposable pen. TWST Berry Medley Lemonade disposable comes as a 2 pack of 1ml disposable vape pens with 5% nicotine concentration. These devices were crafted to bring you the delightful world of berry and lemon flavor, but with the convenience of making your vaping experience easier on the go. In fact, each TWST disposable device delivers an average of 250 flavorful hits.

                    PINK PUNCH LEMONADE
                    Pink Punch Lemonade is an amazing blend of vape flavors that consist of freshly squeezed lemons combined with a mixed red berry flavor that is bound to keep you coming back for more. This exciting vape blend is now available as a convenient TWST Pink Punch Lemonade disposable vape pen. The flavor is designed to give you an unparalleled taste and experience that cannot be duplicated! Indulge in this Pink Punch Lemonade vape blend that comes as a pack of 2 devices that each feature 1ml disposables with a 5% nicotine concentration. These pre-filled devices are an easy, convenient way to enjoy some of your favorite flavors. The simplicity of the disposable vape pens makes it easier than ever before to enjoy Twist E-Liquids flavors.

                    COOL PEACH BLOSSOM
                    With a flavor that includes sweet ripe peaches and freshly squeezed lemonades, what more could you ask for in a disposable vape pen? TWST Cool Peach Blossom Lemonade is the perfect combination of sweet and tangy flavors that are every peach lover’s dream. The exotic blend of sliced peaches, drizzled with freshly squeezed lemon, is now available as a tasty and convenient TWST Cool Peach Blossom vape pen. The disposable device comes in a pack of two, each one contains 1ml of e-liquid, with a 5% nicotine concentration. This convenient TWST disposable device averages 250 hits per device.

                    MANGO ICE
                    What do you get when you pair the rich taste of mango with the cooling and refreshing effect of menthol? You get the exciting flavor of a TWST Mango Ice disposable. A flavor that will redefine the way you see mango, and will leave you coming back for your TWST disposable again and again. The elements of mango are pulled apart and pieced back together to create an intricate mix of flavor that shows you something new about a flavor that you thought you were familiar with. Dive into the refreshingly cool blast of flavor that is your TWST Mango Ice disposable. Available in a dual pack, each device contains 5% nicotine concentration with 1ml of e-liquid, and it averages 250 inhales.

                    CHERRY BOMB
                    This is a refreshing vape blend bursting with flavor that will remind you of a classic hard cherry candy. Inspired by the endless layers of the best locally grown cherries, these TWST Cherry Bomb disposables will melt in your mouth with each and every delightful inhale. Like the other exciting TWST devices, this flavor comes as a dual pack, each device contains 1ml of e-liquid, and each with a 5% nicotine concentration. Relax and indulge in a flavor that you can enjoy anywhere you go, anytime you want. Each device lasts for an average of 250 inhales.

                    ARCTIC COOL MINT
                    Arctic Cool Mint combines the cooling flavor of menthol with the sweet and subtle chill of mint to create a flavor, unlike anything you have ever tasted.
                    This classic TWST Salt Flavor is now available as a TWST disposable vape pen, a convenient new way to enjoy some of your favorite mouth watering flavors to go. Each disposable vape pen features an e-liquid with a 5% nicotine concentration, that comes packaged in a 1ml device.
                    The TWST Arctic Cool Mint Disposable is also crafted for you to enjoy long term and averages around 250 hits per device.

                    FIRST FLIGHT
                    This unique flavor profile is an exciting combination of a variety of fruity elements. Featuring hints of citrus, pomegranate, and a delectable portion of peach, First Flight is crafted to take your taste buds on a delightful journey of flavor that you won’t soon forget. Rich notes of juicy pomegranate complement the light blends of citrus and peach, to make for a well balanced e-liquid blend that is now available as a convenient TWST disposable. This disposable comes in a dual pack, and each device has a 1ml of e-liquid with a 5% nicotine concentration. Crafted for pleasurable longevity, each device delivers an average of 250 hits.

                    A TWST disposable flavor that’s smooth and luscious. This particular e-liquid blend of sweet and creamy caramel will delightfully surprise you on the very first inhale, and will leave you feeling satisfied with every exhale. Featuring a light and buttery finish, paired with tasty notes of caramel, this unique vape blend is designed to bring you the very best elements of a flavor that you already know and love. This TWST disposable vape pen is available as a 2 pack that contains 1ml e-liquid each, with a 5% nicotine concentration. Take your time to enjoy this disposable device with an average of 250 hits of luscious caramel tinged flavor.

                    COOL PINEAPPLE
                    Let your taste buds delight in the electrifying, and satisfying, surge of this Cool Pineapple flavor. With delightful notes of tropical flavor that were crafted to bring you the very best parts of pineapple, this TWST Cool Pineapple disposable, now available in dual packs, is the perfect vape blend to enjoy on the go. Dive into the light layers of pineapple, which will remind you of the perfect relaxing day on the beach. With soft cool hints that are revealed with every inhale and exhale, this TWST Cool Pineapple device is bound to become one of your go-to favorites. With 1ml of e-liquid in each device and 5% nicotine, TWST Cool Pineapple averages 250 hits per device.

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